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Location of trash folder in Ubuntu

July 1, 2008

Sometimes I get files stuck in my recycle bin that do not get deleted when I empty the trash. This is usually because they are owned by root and my normal user does not have sufficient privileges to delete them.

sudo rm ‘ing the .trash folders on each drive does not work and after a lot of searching I finally found the folder with the trash files lurking in it here:


So to get rid of these these annoying files use this command:

sudo rm -rf ~/.local/share/Trash/files/*

and then do a normal empty trash.


Change fat32 drive label under Ubuntu / linux

July 1, 2008

How to change the drive label for a fat32 partition or drive in linux.

First you need to install mtools and then edit the configuration file.

sudo gedit /etc/mtools.conf

Add something like the following to assign a drive letter to your fat32 drive

drive d: file=”/dev/sdb1″

you can find out the second bit by running mount when your device is connected

sudo mlabel -s d:

to check that it is the right one and then to change it:

sudo mlabel d:whatever