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Making vmware reconnect usb device at startup

May 16, 2007

The default way that workstation reconnects a usb device at startup is by using hardware addressing by some form of id number:

from the .vmx config file
usb.autoConnect.device0 = "path:2/7 autoclean:1"

alas it seems that ubuntu does not always use the same id for the same usb port each time so that when you start up your vm you get a usb device not found error and you have to add it manually

It seems like you can get round this by using something like:
usb.autoConnect.device0 = "vid:15c2 pid:ffdc"

You can find the vid and pid for your device by running:
grep "USB: Found device" vmware.log

from your vm’s folder

This loads up my remote device successfully and will hopefully work between reboots…